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Because we failed to enjoy the existing ones.

Time on board, during a race is the most scarce resource. We've found that most of the existing software tools neglect that - even when providing quite powerful and useful functionality. This, more often than not, is a show stopper - if any gadget on board requires too much pampering, in order to deliver some feedback, it'll most probably be abandoned.

We know that. We still wanted to have that valuable feedback - while racing, so we've focused on creating something that is easy and intuitive:

  • Voice commands, that make it easy to trigger an action, or request a feedback.
  • Audible feedback along with the visual one. Like time-to-burn, race timer, etc.
  • Utilize mobile sensors to make information gathering easier - like bringing the camera for easier bearing taking.
  • Smart watches become part of the game, with their GPS and compass sensors.
  • Real time data analysis - wind shifts anaysis, time-to-layline, all these insights, as accurate as possible, are delivered during the race, not afterwards.


Much progress has been achieved for both the mobile app(s), and the online platform - mainly TacTTube™, but they are not published yet.

The existing, Apple app is quite an old one, which marked the initial spin of the idea, few years ago.

Most of the key features are planned ot go live in 2020!

A visual tactical or coaching playground

And if that doesn't sound exciting enough - here's more.

This is the answer to everybody who wanted to see all these sailing, educational illustrations, with the wind always coming from the top, come to live. Moving, and really illustrating the issue. We plan to have all the Racing rules cases visualized this way. Of course, users are free to create their old scanrios and share them.

But, this is not all. One can upload GoPro videos, and combined with the GPS track, have their actual racing, or training, be visualized with the schematic view and all camera angles played in-sync. No more endless watching of videos for those 10 seconds of importance.

Oh, yes! This is our favorite use.

The TacTTube™ functionality alone, with its ability to show multi-angle video footage, in-sync with the GPS track, is the best tool for training sessions de-briefings.

The mobile apps, on the other hand, aim to control and assist the process, by connecting with the installed action cameras and syncing them with race timer, setting up a start line drills, etc.


All features are planned to work for both operating systems.

Yes, in the future releases of the products.

It won't be present in the initial versions, though.

For faster insights feedback.

It is much to easier to check the time remaining, or the distance to layline, or estimated wind shift patter, by looking at your wrist, compared to the mobile. The beauty is when this is connected with your mobile, so they share information.

And not only this, if you have few people onboard with smart watches - you all share and provide same information.

Yes. Not in the first round of features, though.

This is a feature that naturally partners with TacTTube™ functions, and our plans are to make life as easy as possible for both participants and organizers:

  • Unified, beautifylly designed event pages with all documents presented.
  • Ability for registered users to fill in the forms automatically, and leave only the signature placement for the RC office.
  • Integration with Google Docs, so all paperwork is familiar for all parties.
  • Broadcast and/or publish results at any desired moment, or even live.
  • Utilize QR codes for easy information sharing.

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